Chaplaincy and spiritual services

The Hospital cares for the whole person, not just the physical condition.  For many people, emotional and spiritual issues surface when they are in hospital. You do not have to be a churchgoer or have any religious affiliation to receive pastoral or spiritual support. 

Chaplaincy and Spiritual Services are available during normal working hours to offer a compassionate, professional and spiritual ministry to all patients, family (and/or support persons) and staff. For emergencies we are available 24 hours a day, even on public holidays.

The chaplaincy team provides support through pastoral care, pastoral counselling, worship and sacraments. Hospital Chaplains are pleased to assist if a patient requires a leader of a different denomination or faith. Assuring that the patient and family have ongoing support from church and community following discharge is part of the chaplain’s ministry of referral.

The Hospital chapel (Ground Floor, E Block) is always open and schedules regular Christian services.


Timetable of Chapel Services
Sunday 11:00am Catholic Mass
Wednesday 12:10pm Catholic Mass
Friday 12:10pm Catholic Mass
Ecumenical Services Special services as required


The Muslim Prayer Hall is on the First Floor, E Block next to the library.

For emergencies, call switchboard who will contact a Chaplain.


Regular Contact Information   Phone
Administrative Assistant Franceska Kumarage 6457 3425
Head of Department Rev Dr Dianne Bertolino 6457 2419
Ecumenical Staff Chaplains Rev Dr Dianne Bertolino 6457 2419
Rev Christine Duke 6457 3196
Mrs Rita Paglia (Mon, Tues & Fri) 6457 1785
Anglican/Ecumenical Staff Chaplains Rev Roger Kay 6457 2946
Catholic Chaplains Fr Thomas Mankuthel (Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun) 6457 3025
Fr Peter Porteous (Mon & Thu) 6457 3025
Last Updated: 09/01/2020