Medical Physics

The Medical Physics section in Medical Technology & Physics is responsible for the provision of radiation safety services to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and other sites in the North Metropolitan Health Service.  This section provides services in both diagnostic imaging medical physics and radiation safety medical physics.

Our services include:

  • Radiation protection for all staff, patients and visitors.
    • Personal Radiation Monitoring for staff
    • Radiation Safety Audits for departments using radiation
    • Shielding calculations for areas using radiation
    • Dosimetry calculations for research studies requiring approval from the Sir Charles Gairdner Group Human Research Ethics Committee
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, in particular with respect to the Radiation Safety Act and its regulations.
    • Registration of premises and equipment
    • Licensing of individuals
  • Acceptance testing, compliance testing and quality assurance of medical imaging equipment.
  • Providing an on-call Duty Physicist to respond to accidents and incidents involving radiation.
  • Education of staff through training courses and discussion with groups and individuals.
  • Assisting in medical therapies involving radioisotopes.
  • Conducting relevant research in medical physics.

All activities undertaken in the Medical Physics division are documented and controlled under an ISO9000 standard.

Medical Physics Courses

2023 Courses

Bone Density (PDF)
Fluoroscopy (PDF)
Laser Safety (PDF)

2024 Courses

Fluoroscopy (PDF)
Laser Safety (PDF)

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Last Updated: 12/12/2022