Short Stay Unit

The Short Stay Unit (SSU) cares for patients admitted for surgery and medical procedures whose length of stay can vary from two hours post procedure to up to two days. Therefore, the SSU is split into two distinct areas - Pre-op and Post-op.

SSU Pre-op is responsible for the admission and preparation of all patients coming to the hospital on the day of their surgery/procedure. Some of these patients will return to SSU post procedure where they will either be discharged the same day or stay one or two nights. Patients requiring multiple days stay in hospital following a procedure, or needing higher acuity care, will be transferred to a multi-day stay ward or critical care area.

SSU Post-op is responsible for the post-operative care of:

  • Day Case Admissions (DCA) patients who will be discharged home on the same day
  • Day of Surgery 23 Hour (DO23) patients who require a one or two night hospital stay post elective surgery.
Last Updated: 12/12/2022