Nursing Graduates

Sir Charles Gairdner Osborne Park Health Care Group (SCGOPHCG) is renowned for the Graduate Programs offered to Registered and Enrolled Nurses. Our programs are stimulating, comprehensive, and provide optimum transition to practice from undergraduate study in dynamic clinical settings to develop you clinically and professionally. Our programs run across Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (SCGH) and Osborne Park Hospital (OPH) with a specialty program run in collaboration with North Metro Mental Health.

The SCGOPHCG graduate nurse programs

The delivery of safe and quality patient care is pivotal to all SCGH graduate nurse programs. They offer many opportunities for you to gain nursing experience in a supported environment, acquire new knowledge, practice and consolidate evidence-based clinical skills, and develop leadership potential and socialise into both the workplace and workforce.

SCGH 12 month program for registered and enrolled nurses

This program offers two six month rotations within SCGH - aimed to provide you with acute adult surgical and medical nursing experience.

SCGH 12 month theatre specific programs for registered nurses

This program offers registered nurses a comprehensive theatre specific experience.

SCGH and mental health collaborative 18 month program for registered nurses

This comprehensive program offers acute adult medical, surgical and mental health nursing experience. All the benefits of the 12 month program are provided with an additional six month rotation at Graylands Hospital or the SCGH Mental Health Unit. Graylands Hospital in Mount Claremont is Western Australia's largest Mental Health facility for voluntary and involuntary patients.

OPH 12 month program for registered and enrolled nurses

This program offers registered and enrolled nurses three rotations of four months within OPH to achieve a smooth transition from student nurse to practicing Registered Nurse.

OPH 12 month Graduate Midwife Program

The Midwife Graduate Program at Osborne Park Hospital provides opportunities for recently graduated midwives to strengthen and consolidate their midwifery knowledge and skills in a welcoming and supportive environment.

All our programs offer you

  • A comprehensive orientation/induction program followed by supernumerary clinical practice on the ward/unit.
  • Access to staff wellness initiatives including access to a free and confidential Employee Assistance Program.
  • Graduate Program Staff Development Nurse support (GPSDNs) seven days a week, to complement ward based staff development nurses, clinical coaches, preceptors, clinical nurse specialists/clinical nurse managers and nurse managers.
  • Free access to an online learning system and professional development study days each rotation, with a curriculum highlighting Human Error and Patient Safety principles.
  • Regular ward-based in-service education, free courses, monthly seminars and simulation sessions to support your clinical and professional development.
  • Support for two weeks annual leave per rotation with the opportunity to negotiate part-time hours (no less than 64hrs per fortnight).
  • Participation in rostering requests.
  • Free uniforms, laundering and access to Salary Packaging entitlements.
  • Discounts towards Green Commuter transport (cycling/bus/train/carpooling) and access to social club benefits including a gymnasium.
  • Rotations allocated according to preferences, where possible.
  • At successful completion, you are highly sought after for employment within SCGH.

Recruitment information

You must apply on-line via GradConnect (GC) (external site) – WA Health’s streamlined online recruitment system that provides a wide choice of employment opportunities for newly qualified nurses and midwives.

Last Updated: 26/08/2020