Research Pathways

Single centre studies

Under the WA Health Single Ethical Review the reviewing Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) should be chosen in accordance with the following order of choice:

  1. The Lead HREC has expertise in reviewing the relevant research category; these are documented in the WA Health Research Governance and Single Ethical Review Standard Operating Procedures (PDF).
  2. The Lead HREC is associated with the WA Health site where the Coordinating Principal Investigator or Principal Investigator (CPI/PI) will be conducting the research; or where a PI is located (if the CPI has no association with WA Health sites).
  3. If the CPI or PIs have no association with site, the selection of the Lead HREC (with the relevant expertise) is at the discretion of the CPI.


Low or negligible risk research projects

Some WA Health HRECs have alternative review pathways for low or negligible risk research projects.


Multi-centre studies

For the National Mutual Acceptance (NMA) process, whereby the HREC can provide ethics approval for all Australian public health sites, refer to the NMA guidelines on the RGS Multi-centre Research tab. Please note Governance approval still needs to be obtained at each site as this process determines the suitability and capacity of the site to carry out the study.

A research study needs to obtain separate HREC (and Governance) approvals for each site in a country outside Australia.

Please consider contacting the Ethics Office before starting a research application.

Last Updated: 07/04/2021