Frequently asked questions

What is a Mould Room? 

The department has a dedicated Mould Room which allows the precise custom construction of personalised treatment equipment and stabilisation devices, an essential with such precise treatment delivery.

Why do I need another CT scan? 

A specific planning CT Scan is needed to take measurements and create a treatment plan specifically for you.

Why is there a delay between Planning CT and Treatment?

Radiation Oncologists, Radiation Therapists and Medical Physicists work collaboratively to ensure each patient receives the best, most effective treatment plan which takes time.

Why do I have to come for so many appointments?

High energy x-rays damage the DNA within cancer cells which causes them to stop growing or die. Normal cells may also be affected but can usually repair themselves at a faster rate; this is why treatment is delivered over a number of days to allow healthy cells to recover.

It is also important to remember that your radiation prescription is unique to you and your diagnosis. Your doctor has chosen the best course of treatment for your circumstances.

Do appointments run on time?

While we endeavour to run on time occasionally situations outside of our control arise. If there are any delays on a daily basis we will let patients know with a sign in the waiting room.

Will I feel anything during treatment?

No you will not feel or see anything during treatment. You will hear a lot of different “buzzing” noises from the treatment machine; this is normal.

Will I be radioactive?

No, the radiation beam passes through you. You are safe to be around other people, including pregnant women and children.

What side effects will I experience?

Radiation Therapy is a highly targeted treatment and as a result side effects are dependent upon what area of the body you are receiving treatment to. These will be discussed in depth at your first appointment with your consultant and with the nursing staff after your CT appointment.

What skincare can I use?

Detailed skincare instructions, including the use of soap and deodorant, will be provided at your CT Planning Appointment.

You will also be given Sorbelene cream and instructed on how and where to apply it, at no cost to you. If there is an alternative type of cream you wish to use please bring it along to your appointment so that staff can confirm it is safe to use.

Where can I get more information?

“Radiation Therapy Patient Information Sessions” are run at SCGH every Friday 10.30-11.30am: Ground Floor, Cancer Centre (No sessions at present due to COVID restrictions)

No appointment necessary

Education booklets for all treatment areas are linked to this site under resources.

Last Updated: 01/10/2021