What is Radiation Therapy?

Radiation Therapy (or radiotherapy) may be used to eradicate cancer cells, stop tumour growth or alleviate symptoms related to cancer. Treatment is prescribed by a Radiation Oncologist then planned and treated by a team of Radiation Therapists.

Radiation is delivered by a Linear Accelerator in the form of high energy x-rays. These x-rays damage DNA within the cancer cells causing them to stop growing or die. In order to allow healthy cells to recover, treatment is generally given daily (Monday to Friday) over a number of weeks. The goal of radiation therapy is to maximise the radiation dose to a prescribed area while minimising exposure to normal cells.

What happens when I am referred for Radiation Therapy?


  • Meet the Radiation Oncologist
  • Diagnostic results and treatment options discussed
  • Consent for treatment

Before treatment

  • Treatment position assessment
  • Customised Stabilisation when required in the Mould Room
  • Planning CT Scan to enable a treatment plan to be developed
  • Nursing Information Session


  • The Radiation Therapist and Consultant will create the best treatment plan for you
  • Daily imaging to verify correct position
  • Treatment delivered by Radiation Therapists
  • Regular treatment reviews
  • Nursing and Allied Health support
Last Updated: 01/10/2021